Romex Unveils Tracking Solution

Mobile Application Service Provider Romex has announced the launch of an off-the-shelf, automated GPS tracking solution for small and medium-sized businesses that detects when the user is in a moving vehicle or not. Romex says the software enables efficient management of a mobile workforce, doubling as a lone worker protection solution. The solution is available for GPS-enabled Blackberry and Windows Mobile Smartphones, and requires no additional in-vehicle hardware. The modular architecture of the software enables businesses to converge their technology and utilise their existing assets, thus giving natural cost reduction to multiple business solutions.
The Romex software is made up of two parts: MyFix is loaded into the mobile teams Smartphones and uses GPS technology with Google Maps, while TeamFix provides a  web-enabled interface that feeds the required information direct to the relevant operative.  Features include pinpoint location mapping; speed monitoring (by road); arrival and departure from customer sites notification; and the identification of resources closest to customer locations. This is the first of a number of mobile worker solutions being launched by Romex in 2009 to support different vertical sectors.
In todays challenging market environment, we are convinced those companies looking for a leading edge over their competitors will start with convergence, and this is what Romex aims to supply, says Sales Director Jason Laight. The mobile industry has changed over the recent period and the networks have pulled back high upfront remuneration payments and replaced them with tariffs that mean service providers and channel partners are looking for additional services to enhance customer loyalty and build on-going revenue.
A 14 day try-before-you-buy trial is available on registration at the Romex website.