Rosier Majors on Mobile

London-based Rosier Consulting, an integrated PR and marketing agency, says it will specialise exclusively in B2B mobile services going forward.

“Mobile is an exciting, fast-moving and intensely competitive market, and businesses operating in this field need to have access to a marketing and PR expert that really knows the industry, the operator landscape and emerging mobile technologies,” says Rosier Consulting director, Kath Clarke. “Up until now, the only alternative businesses in the mobile industry have had are agencies that specialise in general high-tech. Businesses in mobile need a mobile specialist.”

Clarke adds that Europe is often the first region to test new mobile technologies with consumers, and vendors often aim to crack Europe before any other territory.
“These businesses need to create brand awareness and thought leadership around their specialist area targeted at European operators to get noticed. They also need to have excellent sales and marketing tools ready to showcase their products and make the sale,” she says. “Rosier Consulting will help these businesses achieve their marketing goals in Europe as well as help established businesses in Europe fight through the noise and competition to create market leadership.”