Roundpoint Updates The Lancets Mobile Site

Web and mobile integration firm Roundpoint has re-developed the mobile site for The Lancet. The new site, at, offers more accessible features, including advanced search, a dedicated locker for readers to store relevant articles as PDFs, and the ability to email those articles to a PC, as well as access to all podcasts on The Lancet website. 

The site has been developed to cater for three types of access permission: Free, for non-subscribers or registered users who can browse titles and summaries but not the articles themselves; Registered Users, who can read and download a limited amount of free content and who can pay from their phones to read individual articles on a pay-as-you-go basis; and Premium, for digital subscribers who can log in to access content available to subscribers only. The mobile payment function allows readers to buy articles from any mobile phone, through a secure mobile website for smartphones and a Java app for older phones.