Roundpoints Engage Solution Selected for Customer Sat Surveys

Menzies Distribution has chosen Roundpoint’s new mobile survey tool, Engage, to conduct customer satisfaction surveys amongst its independent retailers. Engage enables users to respond to a survey by text message or the mobile internet. Roundpoint says the combination of response methods enables companies to reach respondents they couldn’t otherwise access. Survey questions can also be answered via a PC.

Menzies Distribution used Engage for a customer satisfaction survey among a sample of its independent retailers. “The fast response and the high number of replies, coupled with the ease of use of this tool, was an excellent outcome all round,” says David Morton, strategic development director at Menzies Distribution. “Engage has allowed us to reach busy retailers quickly and easily , and is something we intend to adopt more widely as a part of our desire to enhance useful customer engagement.”

Survey set-up and management is quick and results are available in real time. The easy-to-use online interface makes it easy to construct and launch a survey and then review feedback all in a matter of hours. Data is available in a choice of formats – from summary pie and bar charts to a full downloadable csv file for detailed analysis.

Engage also allows respondents to see the ‘Results So Far’ page as soon as they have answered each question if desired, making it ideal for polling applications. Feeding results back to the customer in this way gives a greater sense of involvement and also encourages respondents to complete the survey, says Roundpoint.

“Clients frequently asked us what their users thought about the mobile services we provide, so developing a mobile system to gather this information quickly seemed like a great solution,” says Roundpoint CEO, Trevor Shonfeld. “Engage is ideal for customer surveys, testing marketing and creative ideas and fast opinion surveys.”