RSPCA unveils integrated ad showcasing first rebrand in over 50 years

Animal welfare charity RSPCA has launched an integrated campaign showcasing its first major rebrand in over 50 years.

In partnership with creative agency AMV BBDO and Jones Knowles Ritchie, the two-minute spot aims to highlight the importance of showing kindness and “respect” to all animals, set to a rendition of Aretha Franklin’s hit song, ‘Respect’.

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The campaign also features the voices of the charity’s ambassadors including, Brian Blessed, Chris Packham, Shirley Ballas and Pete Wicks. 

The advert, directed by Raine Allen-Miller, will run across TV and cinema through a series of six, 10 and 15-second cut-down versions.

This will also be supported by radio and OOH advertising.

RSPCA CEO, Chris Sherwood, said: “In the 200 years since we were founded, we’ve changed attitudes, behaviours and laws towards animals and, as a society, we have revolutionised the way we think, feel and act towards them.”

“Our brand hasn’t been updated since the 1970s and it has been holding us back in becoming the modern, forward-facing RSPCA we want to be.”

He added: “Our bolder, brighter, welcoming brand aims to inspire everyone, whoever they are, to get involved so that together we can help animals now and for many years to come.”

AMV BBDO Creative Directors, Jack Smedley and George Hackforth-Jones continued: ““The breadth and scale of the animal welfare crisis is so great it can almost feel overwhelming.

“Given the complex and varied relationships we all have with animals, it was important to create something that didn’t just shock or scare people but offered a sense of hope and left you feeling inspired.”