RSS Your Smartphone

Epocware, a subsidiary of Paragon Software Group, has released Handy RSS, an advanced RSS news reader for S60 Smartphones. Handy RSS allows mobile users to read RSS news feeds, displayed as feed headers or news articles, thus making all the latest information from the web available directly on the Smartphone.
The program is fully optimized for the mobile screen and offers an intuitive user interface where multiple menu options provide one-click control to add/edit RSS channels, enabling the user to download, browse and mark items, as well as perform other functions to make feed reading fast and convenient.
Features include a single list of RSS items; the ability to add or edit RSS channels; offline reading of the item list and RSS headers; the ability to mark items as read or unread; and the option to retain items in the list for a defined period of time (one week, one month or three months). 
Handy RSS is available to download for $14.95 USD (10) here.