RT 2fm Launches Catch Radio 2.0 Platform

New media firm Catch has revealed RT 2fm as its first customer for its Radio 2.0 media platform. Catch says the move makes RT 2fm the first radio station in the world with an entertainment portal that links live broadcasts with specific artist information like videos, biography, discography, blogs and gig listings. Radio 2.0 is a term used to explain the convergence of radio with mobile phones and the web, and, says Catch, will represent the new business model for radio in the rapidly changing technological and entertainment environment.
Catch is an Irish new media company focused exclusively on enabling the convergence of radio and web, and allowing radio stations to become the gateway for Internet entertainment for their audience. The company has invested significantly over the last three years in developing the platform that RT 2fm is rolling out. That investment has been financed by the management team, private investors and the Irish government through its investment arm, Enterprise Ireland.
At the heart of the Catch experience is the ability to bookmark, discover and share radio content, in a convenient manner using either a mobile phone, a PC, radio-specific web toolbars or social networking applications. 
This is a world first for radio in providing a platform that connects radio with web and with mobile, says Catch CEO, John Shiel. This is a completely unique user experience and its great that Irelands national broadcaster, which has a strong international reputation, saw the opportunity and had the ambition to seize it.