RTB Impressions Double Over One Quarter at Adfonic

adfonic q4 2013
RTB growth

Adfonic traded 3.8bn premium ad requests on its RTB platform in Q4, almost double the 2bn deals made during the previous quarter, and a significant increase from the 342m recorded at the same time a year earlier.

In the company’s Global AdMetrics report for Q4 2013, Adfonic also revealed that Android’s share of impressions grew by 44 per cent to reach 46 per cent overall, just two points behind Apple, whose share dropped by 24 per cent in the same period. Windows Phone delivered 3.8 per cent of impressions, with RIM on 1.3 per cent.

“Android phones are now truly rivalling iOS in virtually every specification, from performance to screen size – just look for example at the number of reviews comparing the Nexus 5 favourably with the iPhone 5s,” said Victor Malachard, Adfonics CEO and co-founder. “This enables Android phones to show immersive, engaging formats such as rich media and video as readily as Apple devices, and advertisers are realising this by investing more heavily in Android-targeted campaigns.”