Rubberduck Launches iPad App

Rubberduck Media Lab, which provides streaming mobile TV services, has launched an iPad app. The app is built on the company’s cloud-based encoding and streaming solution, and enables operators, broadcasters and content providers to deliver on-demand and live TV experiences directly to their iOS customers via the Apple App Store, formatted and optimized for the larger screen experience.

The solution is fully “skinable”, and supports extended content metadata, real time EPG, social media integration, subscription and billing logic. The app can also be remotely updated and controlled via Rubberduck’s web-based content management system.

Rubberduck says this latest addition to its product offering addresses the need to provide a rich TV experience to end users who want to view content on large-form wireless devices over both wireless and operator networks. The company believes that such large-form mobile devices will enable its customers to extend the duration of content consumption, decrease churn and increase ARPU.

“The iPad is great for video and TV, and our new application will take mobile TV to the next level,” says Rubberduck CEO, Erling Paulsen. “On standard portals, the average viewer watches for three minutes. This number increases to roughly 10 minutes for our iPhone clients. Given the screen size and the video quality on the iPad, we now expect that the mobile TV market will enter the world of full length program episodes and movies. Rubberducks ambition is to make sure that our customers capitalize on this great opportunity.”