Rubicon Project and MediaMath agree LiveRamp integrations

Tyrone Stewart

Rubicon Project and MediaMath have agreed partnerships with LiveRamp that will both integrate the identity platform’s IdentityLink (IDL) graph into their platforms.

IDL will enable demand side platforms (DSPs) on Rubicon Project’s exchange to directly transact on IdentityLinks, which aim to reduce dependence on cookies, improve addressability, and enable marketers to engage people rather than devices.

“This integration is an important part of our overall support for a community-driven identity solution,” said Garrett McGrath, Vice President of product at Rubicon Project. “Browsers are restricting third-party cookies or outright blocking them by default. We continue to observe a decrease in reliance on the third-party cookies, and common identifiers like IdentityLink help limit the spread of proprietary IDs that clog up pages and negatively impact the user experience.”

MediaMath will integrate IDL through its recently launched Source product, a digital media buying platform aimed at being fully transparent.

Within Source, MediaMath will use IDL to bid on advertising inventory across display, mobile, and connected TV. The company says the integration will enhance its ability to link devices to users anonymously and enable marketers to deliver improved relevance and user experience with ads.

“Our clients and partners want full addressability including the best ID resolution that prioritises privacy across all screens,” said Jeremy Steinberg, global head of ecosystem at MediaMath. “We’re taking an open approach to providing the best identity solutions available in market today. We’re excited to partner with LiveRamp and continue development of capabilities that require consistent identity across platforms.”

Rubicon Project and MediaMath entered into a partnership of their own in June with the aim of improving the programmatic supply chain.