Rumour: is TikTok preparing to enter the US and European music streaming market?

  • Wednesday, July 12th, 2023
  • Author: Tim Green
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Last week, TikTok stunned the music biz by launching a premium-only music subscription service in Indonesia and Brazil. Now, reports say it could be preparing to launch across Europe and the US too.

Over the last five years, TikTok has emerged as a huge force in the music world. Tracks that accompany viral videos gather huge audiences and can become global hits. This process has made TikTok a primary focus for record industry marketing teams.

But few expected TikTok to launch into music streaming. Last week, that perspective changed when it announced a service that gives users a “full catalog of music from thousands of labels and artists, uninterrupted ad-free listening and a download function for listening offline”.

Predictably, the app will let its users stream full versions of viral TikTok songs. Other features include a Lyrics Search, karaoke singalong feature, and Shazam-style song ID.

“We are pleased to introduce TikTok Music, a new kind of service that combines the power of music discovery on TikTok with a best-in-class streaming service. TikTok Music will make it easy for people in Indonesia and Brazil to save, download and share their favourite viral tracks from TikTok,” said Ole Obermann, global head of Music Business Development at TikTok.

“We are excited about the opportunities TikTok Music presents for both music fans and artists, and the great potential it has for driving significant value to the music industry.”

A TikTok Music subscription costs $3.49 a month in Brazil, and $3.25 for iOS users in Indonesia. Android users in Indonesia will pay $2.96 a month for the first year, then $3.25 afterwards.