Russian Brief for Logica

LogicaCMG has been selected by VimpelCom to support rapid uptake of SMS-based applications under its Beeline brand. VimpelCom provides mobile services in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Armenia. The company has seen consumer demand for new SMS-based services, including a Call Me offering and content services, grow dramatically over the last year. Vimpelcom has chosen LogicaCMG to support its rapid growth by purchasing an SMSC extension. It has also asked Logica to optimise its connectivity architecture and provide a dedicated interface for third party content with an SMS Gateway.
Recent LogicaCMG research with Ipsos MORI identified that Russian subscribers are far more likely than UK, German or Italian consumers to use, and be prepared to pay for, enhanced SMS services. With the market responding to SMS content services with enthusiasm, SMS traffic is set to grow even further in the next 12 to 18 months, and VimpelCom wanted to be fully prepared for increased uptake and use of SMS-based mobile services.
In order to prepare its network for these new demands, VimpelCom has selected LogicaCMG to increase its SMS capacity. The expanded SMSC will ensure that VimpelCom can process the newer application-to-person messages with the high service levels that customers have come to expect. LogicaCMGs SMS Gateway also means that Vimpelcom will be able to launch new SMS applications across its entire Russian customer base faster and easier.
“SMS-based mobile services are very popular in the Russian market, with consumers subscribing at a rapid rate, and they are looking set to continue to grow,” says VimpelCom Product Director, Victor Markelov. This is a very important technology upgrade for us, as it will ensure that we are able to continue offering the fast and reliable SMS experience that our customers expect, while extending the number and range of new services available. LogicaCMG has already proven its reliability, track record and SMS expertise globally, so we have no doubt that the company will help us achieve our goals.”