Russian Deployment for Tweakker

Ester Solutions has signed a contract with Russian retailer Euroset for the provision of Tweakker’s automatic mobile phone configuration services at its approximately 4,000 stores across Russia. As a result of the agreement, Euroset can now provide automatic mobile phone configuration services for substantially all providers of cellular services, operational systems and mobile phone software in Russia.

Tweakker’s technology provides remote connection of a retailer’s sales register to its configuration system, which eliminates the need for manual phone settings. GPRS-Internet and MMS settings are also automatically placed on the subscriber’s telephone by special short messages.

Tweakker is a business partner for MVNO (mobile virtual network operators), service and content providers, granting them access to its automatic configuration service to provide mobile clients with settings from its database of mobile phones, as well as instructions and videos on mobile phone configuration. According to Tweakker, its service for instant loading of preferred settings and bookmarks improves uptake of internet services by approximately 50 per cent, and reduces the time required to service subscribers.

Tweakker works with handset makers to add the settings for new handset models to its database at the development stage. At present, there are over 2,400 mobile phone models that can be automatically configured using Tweakker’s service. The company says that this is the largest OTA (Over-The-Air) automatic configuration database in the world.

Russian company Ester Solutions supplies and supports foreign systems for the evaluation of mobile phones’ data and SIM cards to the government and commercial organisations in the Russian Federation, and develops software for SIM cards for conventional and virtual mobile service providers in Russia, the US and Europe.  “Tweakker’s automatic configuration service has become a universal solution for the configuration of mobile phones for all network operators from one source,” says Ester Solutions general director, Dmitry Saturchenko.