Ryanair to Introduce Mobile Boarding Passes

Budget airline Ryanair is to introduce mobile boarding passes at the end of February 2014, as part of its commitment to improving its customer service. The company is also planning a mobile app, set for release in May 2014, which will display flight price and timetable information, though initially at least, it does not look as if it will be possible to book flights from the app.  

The news comes a couple of days after the IAB’s UKs Mobile Travel Audit report revealed that 17 of the UKs top 50 travel brands lack a mobile presence – meaning they have neither an app or mobile site. 

“We are excited and delighted with the new, cleaner, easier to use Ryanair.com website which significantly improves Ryanair’s industry leading customer service,” said Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary. “Our soon to be delivered features, including secure membership, low fares finder, mobile app, mobile boarding passes and individually tailored national websites in our bigger EU markets will help more customers to make great savings and waste less time.”