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S4M releases ad format that displays multiple store locations based on user location

Tyrone Stewart

S4M Multi-Store DCOMobile ad tech firm S4M has launched an ad format which enables advertisers to display multiple store locations based on the user’s proximity to those stores.

The Multi-Store DCO format, which combines branded product content with a Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) feature, means that brands can surface a list of the closest retailers that stock their products or promote a selection of its brand-owned stores.

The product displays stores based on the consumer’s real-time location, ranking stores in order of how close they are. From the ad, shoppers can tap any shop in the list and are then redirected to their smartphone’s map app.

The release of this latest ad format follows S4M’s introduction of the Pass-to-Store product. This format provides a way for advertisers to drive incremental in-store visits using proximity-based push notification retargeting.

Earlier this month, S4M teamed up with digital identity resolution firm Tapad to expand its drive-to-store offering for clients by providing a holistic view of anonymous customer journeys across digital devices.