Sack the Post, says Txtlocal

Royal Mail’s recent announcement of an increase in the cost of a first-class stamp by a record 5p to 46p in April 2011 highlights how businesses should now, more than ever before, invest in more cost-effective methods of marketing and communication.

So says mobile messaging firm Txtlocal, noting that the increase will affect those businesses who rely heavily on sending large amounts of direct mail through the post. Txtlocal argues that  mobile messaging is the ideal way to combat the effect of the price increase, not to mention the positive impact on the environment.

In fact, the company points out, sending a text with Txtlocal works out cheaper than the actual increase in the price of a first-class stamp, adding that businesses can communicate with their customers from as little as 2.6p using the service.
Virtually all SMS marketing campaigns are conducted on a permission-led basis, where consumers opt in to receive information direct to their mobile phone. Messages can, of course, include links to view images and videos. There’s more information about Txtlocal’s services here.