Safe and Sound

Liverpool-based do-it-yourself digital download service SafeSell is offering artists and record companies a new way of  distributing their audio and video content via iPod-compatible MP3 files. The option will enable consumers to play files on mobile phones, portable audio players, Windows-based personal digital assistants (PDAs) and Smartphones.
The SafeSell system enables independent artists, record companies and specialist content websites to transfer content to their audience using Digital Rights Management- (DRM) protected downloads.
SafeSell users can add files to their own website or to community sites such as MySpace, or can distribute them through a variety of media, including CD-ROM, peer-to-peer computer networks, newsgroups and email.
Users can set their own prices in up to six major currencies, and can restrict the sale of their content in certain territories. They can also actively encourage their audience to copy and distribute files, since SafeSell takes care of DRM protection, online payments and currency conversions. It also provides real-time accounting and monthly payments into the users PayPal account.
This is a major step forward says SafeSell Marketing Director Brian Pond. It will overcome all those annoying compatibility problems which continue to frustrate the industry and alienate consumers. Once a protected file has been bought, consumers can then claim an MP3 version from SafeSells servers. At the same time, the artist or record company will still be able to set sale prices and determine sound quality.
Since the launch of SafeSell in July, 2006, the service has been used on web sites in the US, Australia and South Africa. The system is free of set-up costs, and users can create their own SafeSell files from a Windows-based computer in any location. The only requirements are a PayPal account, the companys free SafeSell Media Manager software, and a fast Internet connection.
We believe audio and video content owners appreciate the advantages of our approach over more traditional download systems says Pond. They can get higher returns from their sales, set their own prices, set up free promotions and get a new album online in a couple of hours.