Sagem Orga Demos Sim-based NFC Solution

Sagem Orga, Telenor Group and ST Microelectronics have staged demonstrations at Mobile World Congress using a key fob equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) capability and using it in combination with a wireless-enabled SIM card in a mobile phone, a scenario the companies say is supported by 100% of all existing and future mobile phones. The demonstrations include a sample solution for Calypso electronic ticketing in public transportation and for mobile payment.
For the demo solution, a key fob has been equipped with a Sagem Orga NFC-enabled SIM card connected by Single Wire Protocol to the ST21NFCA chip from ST Microelectronics to enable the contactless feature. This NFC key fob is connected to the SIM in the mobile phone using the new WLAN SIM ConnectSIM developed by Sagem Orga and Telenor. This solution forms the bridge between NFC technology and the SIM card in any kind of mobile phone.
Any NFC application, such as mobile payment or Calypso for transportation, can be installed on the SIM card of the mobile phone and/or the NFC key fob, using any traditional or Over The Air mechanism. It can be executed in both devices or only in one of them, depending on the required performance, resources and connectivity.
For example, a terminal for contactless banking can trigger the mobile payment application stored in the key fob to start a transaction. Next, the key fob starts a remote SIM toolkit execution on the SIM inserted in the mobile phone to enable interaction with the user asking for a password, displaying a message, or logging information to the network, for example.
With the same key fob solution, the user can also start a SIM Toolkit application on the mobile phone to order new transportation e-tickets; the Calypso vending server then uses the normal OTA infrastructure to send the tickets securely to the SIM and on to the key fob. The WLAN communication channel between the SIM in the handset and the secure element in the key fob is highly secured and can be protected by a PKI mechanism if needed.
The NFC key fob in combination with the WLAN SIM brings more convenience and security to contactless technology, says Sagem Orga CTO, Didier Srodon. We are demonstrating the advantages of a constant connection between the SIM in the mobile phone and the secure element in the accessory via a wireless link with examples from the transportation and the mobile payment area, but this can also pave the way for all classic NFC use cases such as access control, loyalty, etc. All of them can be managed by the NFC key fob.