Sainsburys and Google Bring Voice-Activated Technology to Banner Ads

google_food_rescueWorking in partnership with Google, Sainsburys has launched a new interactive ad campaign promoting their Food Rescue website using innovative voice-recognition technology. The banner ad, which will appear on Google and other sites, features the same functionality as the food wastage tool it is promoting, aimed at helping people reduce the amount of still-edible food they throw away.

“More people in Britain are online than ever before and this growth is driven by tablets and smartphones. The average household in the UK has 3.1 devices – the highest in Europe” said Indy Saha, director of creative strategy at Google. “Using our voice search technology, the Food Rescue tool allows Sainsburys customers to use up the food that they might otherwise throw away. Simply say what ingredients you have left and discover simple inspirational recipes.”

The advert will feature an expandable banner allowing users to interact with the tool without leaving the website they are on, utilising HTML5 technology to offer an interactive, hands-free experience whether they are accessing it from a website or a mobile device.

Sainsburys have built the campaign around targeting savvy parents and bargain shoppers, and the banner ads are likely to appear on websites such as eBay, Auto Trader, the Guardian and Metro. The tool will also be promoted via social media and emails aimed at customers.

Data from Google shows that searches for recipes using leftovers have grown by a third compared to last year, with 64 per cent of searches made via mobile devices. The Food Rescue website will use live technology to record the weight of food rescued and the amount of money saved per completed recipe, feeding into a leaderboard to show which regions of the UK are saving the most money.