Sainsburys Declared UKs Most Socially Influential Retail Brand

sainsburys trolleysSainsburys have been named as the UKs most socially influential retail brand based on the companys interactions with consumers over social media channels.

The figures come from a new study by Lithium Technologies and Klout which examines how the brands utilise both the standard social platforms and other tools such as branded content, owned communities and influencer campaigns.

Sainsburys ranked as number one, closely followed by Marks and Spencer and Debenhams, with digital-only brands such as ASOS, Very and Amazon UK also making the top 10.

A common theme among the top 25 retailers was the use of social at every part of the customer journey to help and guide purchasing decisions. Brands who maintained their own online communities actually drove 12 times as much traffic and twice as many online conversions as brands that relied solely on social channels such as Facebook.

“These retailers understand that six out of seven customers are starting their shopping experience online,” said Katy Keim, chief marketing officer of Lithium Technologies. “They are the social innovators that weave social content into their larger digital strategies to create a layer of influence and trust with customers.

“Its time for other retailers to wake up. Customers expect instant customer service, personalised offers and perks no matter where they are. Social provides the perfect platform to deliver on these customer expectations. Its a human touch at scale.”