‘Trust is a core value at Salesforce, especially with AI’, CMO warns

Salesforce CMO, Global Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, Kelly Thacker has highlighted the importance of trust when launching AI tools.

Speaking to Mobile Marketing Magazine at the 2024 Salesforce World Tour in London, Thacker said:  “Trust is a core value at Salesforce, especially with AI. We’ve been incorporating AI for over 12 years, and trust has always been integral.”

“Our AI tools ensure customer data protection, and we have rigorous processes to prevent toxicity, bias, and hallucinations. We understand that our AI agents represent our brand, so maintaining trust is crucial.”

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She continued: “At Salesforce, we ensure our AI tools are reliable and secure, with measures to protect customer data and prevent negative outcomes.

“AI has evolved significantly over the years. Predictive AI has become more accurate, and now, with generative AI, we can create more personalised experiences for customers. The integration of data across the enterprise allows for better personalisation and omnichannel experiences, which were challenging to achieve before.”

The news comes as the ecommerce giant announced opening of the UK’s first AI centre at the Blue Fin building in London. This hub will bring together industry experts, developers, and customers to foster innovation and develop new skills.

Meanwhile, Thacker admitted the biggest challenge in product marketing at Salesforce is “keeping up with rapid innovation”. However, this challenge is also “exciting, as it allows us to harness the latest technology to improve customer experiences.”

“Our goal in product marketing at Salesforce is to stay ahead of market trends, guide the future of our products, listen to our customers, and ensure they have amazing experiences with our solutions.

“Customer happiness remains our top priority, and we aim to help them harness the latest technology effectively,” she conludes.