Samsung Ads unveils Smart Outcomes solution

Samsung Ads Europe has launched a new machine-learning advertising solution for clients, ‘Smart Outcomes’, allowing advertisers to automatically optimise CTV campaigns.

According to Samsung Electronic’s advertising arm, the move utilises the largest single-source, deterministic TV data set in Europe.

Smart Outcomes leverages data from over 60 million Samsung Smart TVs across Europe. By using machine learning and advanced look-alike modelling, it helps advertisers enhance CTV campaign results, for example expanding reach, promoting content, and acquiring customers, by pinpointing high-value target audiences.

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Developed in-house these ‘seed audiences’ can be identified from an extensive data set, which includes Samsung Ads’ proprietary Automatic Content Recognition, hardware data, gaming data, historical campaign engagement data, and information from third-party providers and brand advertiser customer data.

Meanwhile, the seed audiences train the look-alike model to identify devices within the Samsung UK network that exhibit similar behaviours, likely leading to desired advertising outcomes. Once activated, the Smart Outcomes algorithms continually learn and optimise campaign delivery, harnessing the power of sophisticated machine learning technology.

The machine learning algorithms can also be applied to advertisers’ first-party data sets, via a data cleanroom.

Samsung Ads Europe, Director of Analytics & Insights, Matt Bryan, said: “Smart Outcomes enforces Samsung Ads’ position at the forefront of technological innovation with the powerful advantage of scalable proprietary data providing a direct solution to the issue that is top of mind for marketers right now.

“Marketers are always looking to drive more efficiencies. With Smart Outcomes, they have a solution to optimise their campaigns, built on vast and intelligent data sets to achieve the best long-term solution. As the market leader in Smart TVs, we’re proud to have the largest and highest quality data currently available. We are dedicated to using this to drive the best possible outcomes for our clients.”

Smart Outcomes is available in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain for managed and programmatic campaigns.

Other global Samsung markets, including the America and APAC, also support this solution, the company revealed.

Director of Product Marketing Minai Bui, continued: “Smart Outcomes reflects our ongoing commitment to providing data-driven results. We are continuously exploring how machine-learning technologies can enhance optimisation capabilities within CTV to deliver greater impact for the brands we work with. Smart Outcomes marks our most recent innovation and will enable advertisers to drive greater effectiveness and efficacy of their CTV investments with Samsung.”