Samsung Ads UK connects advertisers to missed TV audiences with new Insights Planner tool

Samsung Ads has expanded its Insights Planner tool to all of its UK clients and advertisers, providing CTV insights to help plan future total TV campaigns. 

According to the advertising arm of Samsung Electronics’ media division, the tool helps marketers break down the silos between traditional linear TV and streaming. 

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The launch also reflects on a growing need amongst agencies and advertisers for a “more holistic approach” to total TV planning which addresses the fragmented TV viewing landscape.

Samsung Ads Director of Analytics and Insights, Matthew Bryan, said: “Samsung’s Insights Planner is intended to be used to complement other data sources like BARB panel data. Without important deterministic data, linear TV advertisers have limited visibility on the share of their target audience they didn’t reach, limiting their ability to improve future media plans.

“With Samsung Insights Planner, we are bringing together the breadth and depth of our available data, and now at an even faster pace, to deliver these insights to more clients.”

The Insights Planner will allow brands to see a percentage of how many 18-34-year-olds a given linear TV campaign reached and how many it didn’t.

Samsung Ads Europe, Director of Product Marketing, Minai Bui, added: “By breaking down silos, advertisers can begin to harness the potential of the new data-rich TV landscape. While linear has seen some decline, TV overall is seeing huge growth and expansion.

“This broader TV ecosystem unlocks access to previously untapped data sources that can optimise advertising on the biggest screen in the home, better than ever before.

“However, with these emerging opportunities, new challenges will naturally come to light, which is why a concrete and in-depth understanding of the data landscape is the best tool an advertiser can have to make the most of TV advertising in this new era”.

The Insights Planner is to be expanded to Germany soon, with other European markets to follow, the company revealed.