Samsung: ‘2024 will be the year of AI’

Samsung has predicted 2024 will be “the year of AI”, claiming that the programme offers “endless possibilities”.

Speaking to Mobile Marketing Magazine, Samsung Marketing and Omnichannel Director, Annika Bizon said: “Whilst it’s [AI] already started to take flight and become a conversation starter, as a marketer myself I’m fascinated by the endless possibilities.”

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According to Bizon, who has been with the mobile giant since June 2021, not only does AI assist in asset creation, “but we are also entering an era where artificial intelligence can help adapt these assets based on what the live performance data is telling us.”

She added: “If brands can harness this technology in the right way, we can revolutionise the way we are communicating to customers within our marketing.”

The news comes as Kantar revealed AI “will find a way” next year, as 67% of marketers said they feel positive about the possibilities of Gen AI.

“A culture of continuous learning and data-driven decision-making is essential for marketers to navigate the technical and cultural shift we are living,” Kantar Global Thought Leader for Media, Gonca Bubani, said.

“But technology without human ingenuity is inconsequential, and that’s the nuance that comes from the intersection of meaningful data and expertise. Marketing Trends 2024 distils in a practical guide the necessary tools and knowledge marketers need to stay on the front foot.”