WATCH: Samsung launches ‘You & AI. As One.’ campaign

Samsung UK has launched a new campaign showcasing the range of its AI powered products under one unified theme for the first time.

The campaign, ‘You & AI. As One’ takes a customer-centric approach supporting a range of the technology giant’s product lines, including mobile, TV/AV, and home appliances.

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The 60-second spot, produced by Believe Media, showcases how these technologies can simplify and enrich everyday experiences.

The campaign aims to bring balance to modern family life by assisting with everyday chores. Research shows that not turning lights off (28%) is the leading cause of household arguments, followed by not doing a fair share of chores (24%) and leaving things on the floor (23%).

As a result, one in four people believe AI could serve as a peacekeeper, reducing the number of household disputes.

The study also found that turning off lights (19%), devices that control energy usage (17%), and a fridge that alerts you when food is about to spoil (15%) are the top tech developments people think could help reduce tensions.

Samsung Chief Customer Officer, Deborah Honig, said: “Our AI-powered products are designed to work in harmony with you and your family, lending a helping hand when you need it most.

“It’s like having an extra pair of hands to vacuum the floor after a morning of wonderfully messy play.”

Honig, added: “The pace of modern life is often fast and furious; at Samsung, we want to be right there with you, providing technology that gives you the time and headspace you need to navigate the ups, downs and find-each-other-again moments.”

Running throughout the summer, the campaign will be featured on, Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, Broadcaster Video On Demand (BVOD), social media platforms, and cinemas starting from Friday [ 5 July 2024].