Samsung and O2 Team Up for AQA Offer

Samsung, O2 and AQA 63336 have teamed up to offer 10,000 customers who buy the Samsung C3050 handset on O2 will to download a new application from AQA 63336 that gives them 30 free questions (worth 1 each), check their Q&A history, and access the best daily answers given by AQA 63336.
10,000 leaflets have been printed with a code that enables customers to download the AQA application and get their first 30 answers free of charge. These leaflets are available in O2 stores and online, and will be distributed to customers who buy a new Samsung C3050 phone , priced at 48.93, on Pay & Go through the O2 network from 1 June.
The C3050 is the latest slider handset from Samsung that features a VGA camera, Bluetooth, micro SD card slot with expandable memory and MP3 player.Theres more information about the promotion here.