Samsung mocks Apple’s iPad ad by launching ‘Creativity cannot be crushed’ campaign

Samsung has launched a new campaign poking fun at Apple’s latest advert, ‘Crush’.

The campaign, titled ‘Creativity Cannot be Crushed’, was produced by creative agency, BBH USA, and highlights a fundamental truth that creativity comes from within and is something technology cannot take away.

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As a result, this message aligns with the telecoms giants’ mission to support people in achieving their best by fostering creativity via innovative products.

The campaign is in response to Apple recently launching a campaign for its iPad Pro, which the technology giant said “missed the mark”.

Apple’s campaign features a hydraulic press methodically flattening a collection of instruments, video games and audio equipment, later to reveal a slim iPad Pro suggesting that the capabilities of the crushed items have been incorporated into the new product.

Meanwhile, Samsung turned this concept into a reality with quick turn-around production, under the direction of filmmaker Zen Pace.

Samsung Electronics America, VP of Mobile Experience Marketing, Olga Suvorova, said: “Championing creativity is at the core of our brand – from building innovative consumer experiences that open up new possibilities to redefining how we engage the creative community with our TeamGalaxy Creator Collective.

“This belief is not just core to us. Creativity also drives our diverse and passionate communities – who inspire us to develop both products and experiences that empower people to bring their ideas to life.”

BBH USA Executive Creative Director, Estefanio Holtz, continued: “More than a response, this is a celebration of all creative souls. True artists, makers and creators know that creativity always finds a way.”