Samsung Bends the Rules with Youma Project

Samsung has been showing off its Youm flexible display technology at CES. Its currently just a prototype, but the bendy OLED screens could make their way into the smartphones of the future.

During Samsungs CES keynote, Brian Berkeley, senior vice president of its display lab, demonstrated how the screens could be bent, folded or rolled. Berkeley also showed how it meant the displays could be wrapped around a device, so that information could be displayed on its edges.

According to Samsung, the plastic screens would be virtually unbreakable – as opposed to the glass touchscreens currently in use, which are infamously prone to smashing. But the really interesting thing is what form factors this could lead to in the future, as manufacturers would be freed up from the traditional shape of a mobile phone.

Its also notable that sharing the stage with Berkeley was Microsoft CTO Eric Rudder, showing off the technology running Windows Phone prototype. Microsoft also showed off a range of other technology during Samsungs slot, including the prototype of its IllumiRoom technology for the Xbox 360.

The devices that have pushed Samsung to its current dominant position all run on Android, but this could be a sign that the OEM is moving away from its close affiliation with Google?