Samsung Focuses On Wearable Tech In Health-Care

Tim Maytom

simbandSamsung has taken a further step into the world of wearable technology, unveiling Simband, a prototype "smart" band designed to measure metrics such as body temperature, blood oxygen levels and motion in real-time. The device features a shuttle battery that charges when the wearer is inactive and comes equipped with wi-fi Bluetooth.

The Simband is intended to serve as a "foundation" for third party developers, inspiring them to build wearable tech that incorporates "optical, acoustic and electronic sensors" said Ram Fish, Samsung's vice president of digital health.

The company has also developed Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions ("SAMI") a data bank for storing sensitive health data on Galaxy S devices after it is gathered by various health and fitness applications.

Samsung is planning on marketing SAMI by hosting a developer challenge, and has set aside a $50m (£29m) fund for early-stage digital health innovators. Young Sohn, president and chief strategy officer for Samsung's Electronics' Device Solutions, said the company has already begun their investment in the market, providing funding to an entrepreneur developing a noninvasive glucose monitoring solution.

Apple, which is rumoured to be developing its own wristband device for the wearable tech sector, has its developer conference next week. Samsung's announcement of its own prototype could be seen as a preemptive move that positions them as rivals in the growing digital health market.