Samsung Forecasts $7.7bn Profit for Q1

Samsung has posted an estimated operating profit of 8.7 trillion Korean won (£5bn) for Q1, 2013, in an earnings guidance announcement ahead of its full quarterly results.

Sales for the quarter stand at an estimated 52 trillion won.

Thats a major leap year-on-year for both figures – with sales up by 15 per cent from Q1, 2012, and profits up an impressive 52 per cent – but theyre both slightly down from Q4, 2012, when Samsung posted record profits of 8.8 trillion won. Thats possibly to be expected, given that the quarter, running October-December, encompasses the festive shopping period.
The Q1 figures are a forecast for now, pending an external audit, but theyre unlikely too change too much before the full announcement.
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