Samsung ordered to pay £9.3m to Huawei for patent infringement in China

Tyrone Stewart

A Chinese court has ruled that three units of Samsung must pay 80m yuan (£9.3m) to Huawei for patent infringement.

The decision by the Quanzhou Intermediary Court is in relation to Samsung’s alleged infringement of a patent held Huawei Device Co Limited, the handset unit of Huawei, Reuters reports.

The verdict by the Chinese court is the first one reached of several lawsuits filed by Huawei against Samsung in May – both in China and the US – for alleged smartphone patent infringement. Samsung has said it will decide on a response after reviewing the ruling.

Huawei brought its case, to the court in Quanzhou, against Samsung China Investment Co Limited, as well as Samsung units in Huizhou and Tianjin, and two Chinese electronics companies for producing more than 20 different types of Samsung smartphones and tablets – including the Galaxy S7 – that infringed upon its patent.   

The court ordered all five of the aforementioned entities to stop infringing on Huawei’s patents and made the decision that Samsung’s three units would have to stump up the cash for damages.