Samsung's Siri rival Bixby will be missing its voice at Galaxy S8 launch

Tyrone Stewart

BixbySamsung has revealed that one of the key features of its upcoming Galaxy S8 device will be delayed. The South Korean electronics giant has confirmed that Bixby, its answer to Apple’s Siri, will not be available in its full capacity on launch day.

Samsung first announced Bixby in mid-March, very much focusing on the user being able to ‘call upon’ Bixby to assist them in navigating the Galaxy S8. The introduction of the virtual assistant was then confirmed a week later when Samsung finally unveiled its latest flagship device to the world – once again bringing attention to its voice functionality.   

Despite this, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive with all of Bixby’s other features, except for the most important one – voice control.

“All Bixby functionality, bar the Voice Function, will be available to UK customers at launch. This includes Bixby Vision which allows users to identify objects the camera is pointing at, Bixby Reminder and Bixby Home,” said a Samsung spokesperson in a statement. “Bixby Voice will be available in U.S. English later this spring, and will expand to more languages globally over time.”