Samsung unveils three new fitness-orientated wearables

Samsung Gear Sport Fit2 Pro IconXSamsung has introduced three wearables to its growing portfolio of fitness devices in the form of a smartwatch, a sports band and cord-free earbuds.  

The Gear Sport is a water-resistant fitness-focused smartwatch, which features a circular bezel with a Super AMOLED 1.2-inch display. It is designed to help users to achieve their health and wellness goals, while receiving nutrition management alerts and activity recommendations even when offline. In addition, the smartwatch is said to offer military-level durability and a variety of changeable stras for any occasion. The Gear Sport, available in blue or black, also includes the ability to control Samsung IoT-enabled devices through Samsung Connect, acts as a remote control for PowerPoint presentations or Samsung Gear VR headsets, and enables the owner to pay for goods via Samsung Pay.

The Gear Fit2 Pro, an upgrade to the Gear Fit2 fitness band, features advanced built-in GPS tracking. It comes with a Super AMOLED curved 1.5-inch display, a high-resolution colour touchscreen, and a new lightweight band. It is available in black and red.

Both the Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro come with first-time Samsung fitness capabilities including water resistance and swim tracking, real-time heart rate monitoring, premium partnerships with the likes of Under Armour and Spotify, auto activity detection, and personalised motivation.

Samsung’s new cord-free earbuds come in the form of the Gear IconX 2018, the second generation of the company’s Gear IconX. The latest version of the earbuds enable wearers to listen to music both on and offline by transferring songs from a Samsung smartphone or PC, or by accessing music through Bluetooth. It also comes with Samsung voice assistant Bixby, meaning users can control their music using their voice. In addition, the buds automatically track running routines, and feature a standalone Running Coach function to provide real-time in-ear audio exercise updates. The Gear IconX, which is available in black, grey and pink, also offers up to five hours of music streaming or seven hours of standalone music playback, and up to 4GB of internal storage.

“At Samsung, we celebrate the everyday athlete – whether you’re going for a light jog, or training for your next triathlon,” said DJ Koh, president of mobile communications business at Samsung Electronics. “We have a long history of embracing choice and innovation, and our wearables are designed to help consumers of varying fitness levels meet their goals and aspirations. We want to help remove the stigma that fit can only mean one thing and that fitness trackers are complex and for only the most intense of workouts.

“Our new Samsung Gear wearables help consumers ‘go beyond fitness’ and enjoy an active, balanced and fulfilled life in a smart and seamless way.”