Samsungs Galaxy S Range Breaks 100m Shipments

Samsungs Galaxy S range of smartphones have passed 100m global channel sales – that is, units sold to retailers, rather than consumers.

Breaking down that 100m by device shows how the popularity of the Galaxy S range has grown, if not exploded, with the release of each successive handset.

The bestselling device in the range is the Galaxy S3, which has exceeded 40m channel sales since its launch in July last year, followed closely by the S2, which launched a year earlier. The first Galaxy S handset, which launched back in June 2010, makes up just 24m of that number. Notably, Samsungs statement makes no reference to shipments of the Galaxy S3 Mini, which launched at the tail-end of last year.

Samsung last week announced the Galaxy S2 Plus at CES, and rumours of a March launch for the Galaxy S4 are currently circulating. Itll be interesting to see if the S4 is able to keep up the pattern of each Galaxy handset outselling the last.