SAP Commits to Windows 8 with Six Apps

Enterprise software corporation SAP has announced the launch of six apps for Windows 8. It will also be adding support for the devices on its Afaria enterprise security platform, and for Windows 8 development on its SAP Mobile Platform.

That means the apps wont be available on mobile devices until the launch of the full-fat Surface tablet comes out, but SAP says its also working on apps for Windows Phone 8, and Windows RT, the OS running on the currently available Surface device.

The range includes workflow management app WorkDeck, developed first for Windows 8; Manager Insight; Learning Assistant; Interview Assistant; and GRC Policy Survey. All apps will be available from both the Windows Store and SAP Store, and will each include an evaluation mode for users to try before they buy.

SAP says each app will take advantage of Windows 8s touch-controlled UI, and features such as tiles and snap mode.