Saudi Brief for SurfKitchen

3gsm_logo_24SurfKitchen and its local Saudi partner and representative GHRRA Telecom  have announced that Saudi Arabias largest mobile operator ALJAWAL has selected SurfKitchens SurfKit desktop to support the launch of its on-device portal, which provides branded, menu-driven access to information and services.
With an expanding portfolio of over 150 services being offered to over 13 million users, ALJAWAL wanted to enhance its customers user experience by eliminating the need for subscribers to remember SMS codes or embark on lengthy WAP searches. By deploying SurfKit Desktop, ALJAWAL has been able to simplify the user experience, extending the reach and use of its customer portal.
SurfKitchen says its experience in the region, and its support for both English and Arabic languages, proved to be a compelling proposition, enabling ALJAWAL to seamlessly deploy its new customer portal to a broad range of handsets including popular feature phones and the latest 3G handsets.
As the first operator to deploy both 3.5G and value-added services in the country, we are always looking at ways to enhance the customer experience, says ALJAWAL Marketing General Manager, Jameel Al Molhem. By deploying SurfKit Desktop, we have made it easy for users to discover our vast number of services, without having to remember shortcodes, or carry out complex WAP searches. The ease of discovery inherent in our new menu-driven portal will increase both the uptake and repeat use of our data services.
ALJAWALs subscribers will benefit from constant access to up-to-date, relevant information and service details through SurfKit Desktops over-the-air portal management.
A project of this size and scope with the largest mobile operator in Saudi Arabia is a natural progression from our technical expertise and proven experience in the region, says SurfKitchen CEO Michel Quazza. We are confident that we can help ALJAWAL improve user access to its impressive range of services, which will in turn boost customer loyalty and increase revenue from data services.