Say Hello to HelloTxt

David Murphy

Buongiorno has announced the launch of HelloTxt, a status update aggregator for the social media market. HelloTxt enables users to post their status updates just once and have them appear automatically on all of their networks, enabling them to keep all of their friends up-to-date across different social networks. It also enables users to read friends' updates from the main microblogs and social networks at the same time. Status updates can be posted via the web, email, or from a mobile phone, and can include photos and video content.
The concept of HelloTxt was first developed in late 2007 by Fabrizio Giordano and Raffaele Rasini, and shortly after, it was spotted by Buongiorno Chairman and Founder, Mauro del Rio, who included it in Buongiornos 2.0 mobile content product portfolio.
HelloTxts success among developers and bloggers has been immediate, the company says. In 10 months, it surpassed 30,000 registered users, relying purely on word of mouth for promotion.
HelloTxt aggregates over 45 social networks/microblogs, including all the usual suspects. On average, says Buongiorno, users aggregate four. The number of status updates is increasing at the rate of around 8,000 per day. 65% of all status update are made through web and mobile, and 35% of them come from third party applications using the open HelloTxt API.
HelloTxt appeals to an international audience of committed social networkers, with users coming from the UK, US, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden and elsewhere. As of today,  HelloTxt enables users to read status updates from their contacts, no matter which network they are using, via the Friend's Status page. Currently, the ability to aggregate all sources to read from is only available for Twitter, Facebook, Identica and BrigKite, but the ability to write and send out status updates is compatible across 45 social networks/microblogs.