Say Hello to Celltop

Communications software company Aricent has taken the wraps off Celltop, a mobile client framework that enables the delivery of next-generation content, commerce and communication services across GSM and CDMA networks. In addition, the Celltop software development kit (SDK) for both BREW uiOne and J2ME handset platforms is now available for third-party developers, content providers and aggregators to create future cells for the Celltop platform. Aricent says that Celltop allows mobile service providers to transform the user experience by providing easy access to data services and applications.
Celltop is similar to the personalized short-cuts on the desktop of a personal computer and is based on the widget concept. According to Aricent, it solves the problem of content discovery by giving users the ability to personalize and manage content in cells. This functionality, says Arcient, reduces the obstacle of multiple clickthroughs, enabling user to easily reach their desired content faster and more easily.
Following an initial launch on selected Alltel Wireless phones in January 2007, Celltop now comes pre-installed as a standard on the majority of Alltel feature phones.
Celltop has been a tremendous success for Alltel Wireless, says Dow Draper, Senior Vice President of Data and Voice Products at Alltel. Celltop gives our customers easy, personalized access to important information on their phones, providing an exceptional wireless experience.
The Celltop mobile client framework is available to network operators delivering new services and products. The framework includes ready-to-run cells such as inbox, stocks, weather, news, call-log and ringtones, and can be customized by network operators to offer a consistent and branded user experience to encourage use of data and value-added services. Consumers also have access to a host of subscription-based cells, including a cheap petrol locator, music downloads and streaming radio.
Cells currently in development offer multilingual capabilities, including Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi. Additionally, Celltop incorporates watermark technology allowing ads to be superimposed on the base screen or wallpaper of the mobile handset. Network operators can offer customers the choice of opt-in/opt-out for delivery of this targeted content.
Alltel Wireless and Celltop were recognized as Best in Show at the 2007 Emerging Technology Awards at the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association show and received the Peoples Choice Award and Best Business/Productivity Application Award at the QUALCOMM BREW 2007 Developer Conference. The Celltop interface and SDK are now generally available through Aricent. For more information, click here.