Say Hello to MECommerce

Results from the eCustomerServiceIndex (eCSI), compiled by eDigitalResearch and IMRG for January 2011, illustrate how consumers are using digital devices on the high street to give store feedback,  check stock levels, and find the best deals.

The companies say that emergence of “MEcommerce” has enabled consumers to take control, shopping when, where and how they want. The eCSI identifies that consumers are using phones and PCs as well as the high street to shop, and now expect a seamless shopping experience from brands across all channels.

The study found that 25 per cent of smartphone users have used a barcode scanner on their smartphone to scan items within a high street store and see if they can order cheaper elsewhere. 40 per cent of people surveyed had given feedback digitally about a high street store after seeing a survey URL in a store or on a receipt. Of those, 88 per cent gave their feedback via a PC, compared to 7 per cent that have utilised their smartphones to give immediate feedback.

High street stores and their staff are also embracing digital, with staff using digital devices to check stock levels for consumers. The study has shown that 39 per cent of people surveyed have had staff in a high street use a smartphone, tablet, PC or kiosk to check stock levels for them.

“We are seeing the dawn of MEcommerce, with digital now truly coming to the high street, with consumers using technology to provide feedback and check prices with suppliers, whilst staff within stores are utilising the digital technology to offer the consumer excellent customer service by checking stock levels,” says Derek Eccleston, research director at eDigitalResearch.

IMRG managing director David Smith adds: “Although only 7 per cent have provided immediate feedback to the store, people do update their friends on Facebook about being stuck in a long queue, receiving negative customer service or poor hygiene conditions. The need for high standards is more important than ever, as any individual retailer store is now a potential showroom for millions.”