Saygent Gives App Users a Voice

Saygent has launched the beta of its in-app voice feedback solution mSay, which enables developers to add Siri-style verbal question-and-answer functionality to their app using a few lines of code.

mSay can be used to gather customer insights, by asking users about their motivations and reactions to a mobile experience, and then using Saygents analysis engine to convert and categorise the voice assets. The process is intended to help companies move beyond just hard data metrics as a method of examining user behavior.

“Mobile feedback is broken,” says Saygent CEO Guy Hirsch. “Typing on a mobile phone is cumbersome. As a mobile app user, you won’t take the time to fill out a survey. App developers are missing out on important insights because providing feedback just isn’t easy for mobile users.”

mSay is currently compatible with Android. Saygent says support for iOS will be added shortly.