Scalado Demos Zero Shutter Lag Solution

Scalado, which develops mobile imaging software solutions, and Alma Technologies, which specializes in image and video compression IP cores, have released details of the first JPEG compression IP core supporting Scalado SpeedTags technology. By further enhancing the fastest JPEG core in the market with Scalados technology, Alma Technologies will now be able to provide efficient handling of multi-megapixel compressed images in all its future ASIC and FPGAs SoC designs.
The companies say the resulting increased performance and data handling capabilities will improve the visual experience of viewing images for the user and will enable unique differentiation opportunities on any mobile device. This is made possible due to the fact that the compressed files that are produced by Alma Technologies cores will now be compatible with Scalados CAPS imaging suite, which is focused on providing enhanced functionality to camera-equipped mobile devices such as cameraphones and PDAs.
Scalado is demonstrating its latest camera solution the first to include both Scalado SpeedTags and Scalado Camera Engine at the Symbian Smartphone show today at Earls Court 2 in London.
The solution is a collaboration between Scalado, Symbian, Texas Instruments (TI) and OmniVision. Scalados latest mobile imaging technology will operate with TI OMAP platform for Symbian OS, and OmniVisions smart camera sensor, with Scalado SpeedTags embedded to manage the large files produced by high-resolution images and to improve overall JPEG image handling performance.
The result is a solution that can provide 20 frames/second instant full-resolution image handling, as well as zero shutter lag, burst-mode image capture, and instant zoom/pan at the moment the image is captured. Scalado notes that until now, burst-mode image capture the rapid capture of multiple images – has traditionally been associated only with expensive, high-end cameras.
Likewise, only advanced Digital Still Cameras (DSC) and Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras have thus far been capable of managing the delay between pressing the capturing button and actually saving the captured image. As a result, shutter lag has typically been one of the biggest technical challenges facing cameraphones, especially when photographing moving objects.
This is the worlds first live demo of such advanced mobile imaging software, says Scalado VP Business Development, Fadi Abbas. The combination of Symbian OS, TIs OMAP platform, the OmniVision Sensor, SpeedTag technology and our next-generation camera architecture will revolutionise the way mobile users take pictures.
If youre visiting the Smartphone show, you can find Scalado on stand 66.
Separately, Scalado has announced that by the end of the year, it will have doubled its number of employees compared to the number at the end of 2007. The company also expects revenue for 2008 to be more than double those of 2007.
Scalados CAPS imaging SDK is now being used in 200 million mobile handsets. The company currently has its software embedded in more than 50 different cameraphone models, from five out of the six leading handset OEMs.