ScanLife Launches 2D Code Social Network Contest

ScanLife has launched the ScanLife Social Network Contest, which offers a prize of a $500 Amex Gift Card to the individual who can generate the most unique scans from their ScanLife Personal code.

To take part, you have to create a free ScanLife account via the companys website, then create a ScanLife 2D QR code, Datamatrix code, or EZcode. The code can link to anything, so long as it’s clean, and the code (i.e. the content it links to) can be changed as often as you like. Then publish it on social networks or anywhere else of yourchoosing to get the most scans. The person with the most unique scans at the end of the contest wins!

The contest opened yesterday and runs until Monday, 1 November, 2010. ScanLife will announce the contest winner on 11/1/10, by 5pm EST by Facebook & Twitter. There’s more information, including full rules of entry, here. And a video explaining how to create a code here.