Schibsted Partners With AppNexus

David Murphy

schibstedOnline classified advertising and media firm Schibsted Media Group has announced a partnership with AppNexus that makes the ad firm the full-stack advertising technology platform for Schibsted’s global media properties.

Under the terms of the partnership, AppNexus will power Schibsted’s integrated ad serving, yield management, forecasting, and marketplace access, as well as providing essential infrastructure for Schibsted’s ecosystem strategy.

“This is an important partnership for Schibsted's evolving ecosystem strategy as well as for our Schibsted-developed proprietary advertising product offerings on top of the AppNexus full-stack technology infrastructure,” said said Frode Eilertsen, EVP digital and chief product officer at Schibsted. “Our Publishing, Classifieds and Growth businesses will be able to benefit from world-leading premium targeting solutions that utilize Schibsted's unique insights derived from audience behaviour data."

The partnership will see Schibsted become the first AppNexus partner to employ the AppNexus publisher platform, an integrated, full-stack product that powers planning and forecasting, direct campaign management, diverse marketplace sales (including deals, RTB and programmatic guaranteed), ad serving and yield management, in one solution.

“Publishers need a scaled, independent technology and monetization platform to power their digital advertising.” Said AppNexus CEO, Brian O’Kelley. “Our fully integrated technology stack will power Schibsted’s diverse media across geographic markets. This partnership reinforces our deep commitment to helping content producers thrive and grow in a competitive landscape.”