Scholl launches Feel Foot Tastic campaign across TV and digital

Foot care, footwear and wellbeing brand, Scholl, has launched a national foot care campaign to inspire people to show their feet more love from day to day. The ‘Feel Foot Tastic’ campaign was created by Iris to showcase how important, and often underappreciated, people’s feet are to general wellbeing and overall quality of life.

The campaign is accompanied by a remix of an iconic reggae track ‘Mr Boombtastic’ by Shaggy. The words have been rewritten to deliver Scholl’s key message, encouraging people to “Feel Foot Tastic” in a playful, engaging style.

The campaign is running on TV in France, and launches in the UK on 8 May, followed by Australia, Italy, Greece and Portugal. A digital campaign will run across 15 further markets, including New Zealand, Israel, Germany and Spain.

The campaign aims to revitalise Scholl’s brand identity and drive its transformation from a functional pharmaceutical organisation into a wellbeing and lifestyle space. It launches with a 30-second brand film and cut downs; and 20-second supporting films for four Scholl products.

“We truly believe in helping consumers to live their very best lives, starting with their footcare, and our new campaign will deliver the message about preventative care in a new and exciting way, creatively driving the brand in a new direction delivering in the health and wellness category,” said Scholl Chief Marketing Officer, Kate Godbout.