Schumans Cello launches AI cheese connoisseur on Messenger

Cello Cheese – the flagship brand of Schuman Cheese, a cheese producer and importer – has launched an AI-powered Facebook Messenger chatbot to help customers find the right cheese for them.

The virtual cheese connoisseur can provide recommendations based on questions such as ‘which cheese would pair well with chardonnay?’, ‘what can I have with parmesan cheese?’, ‘what is Romano cheese?’. ‘Where is mascarpone cheese from?’, ‘can you recommend a nutty and vegetarian cheese from France?’, and more.

The chatbot, developed by Chit Chat Agency, also features store lookup, listing updates, newsletter subscription, customer service live chat rerouting, and an interactive cheese quiz.

“The virtual Cello Cheese assistant will allow us to pass on our 75 years of knowledge to help consumers cheese confidently on a one-to-one basis at scale,” said Mike Currie, Director of Marketing at Schuman Cheese. “We hope this tool, along with our existing in-store and online information already provided – encourages customers to discover new cheeses as well as explore pairings.”