SCVNGR Rolls Out Globally

SCVNGR, the location-based game you play on your phone via an iPhone or Android app, has announced its global launch. The game has over half a million users who play the game by going places, checking-in, completing challenges and earning points. Users can unlock badges and real-world rewards such as free coffee, discounts etc., and easily share they you are and what theyre up to with friends on SCVNGR, Facebook and Twitter. Today, the game is rolling out across the world by leveraging the Google Places API database. This integration will instantly bring SCVNGR right to users at millions of locations across the globe.

“Our goal has always been to build the game layer on top of the world. But until today, we were missing a critical component… the rest of the world,” says Seth Priebatsch, SCVNGRs ‘chief Ninja’. “Were excited to go live globally today, and to do so with the best location database on the planet.”

SCVNGRs default interface will be presented in English but the content that players can create (the custom challenges to try at each place) can be added in any native language. SCVNGR adapts itself naturally to different places by enabling everyone who plays the game to also have the opportunity to build the game by creating their own challenges at each place.