Seat agrees to work with Orange on connected car development and use

Tyrone Stewart

Seat OrangeSpanish automaker Seat has agreed to partner with mobile network operator Orange Spain to promote the development of connected vehicles.

The partnership will see the pair work to improve the experience of drivers with connected car innovations, offer a ‘digital home or office’ experience to drivers, and put a loyalty programme in place that promotes the use of connected technology launched.

“We feel privileged to have strategic arrangements with partners such as Orange that give a major boost to our development of car connectivity,” said Arantxa Alonso, head of business development at Seat. “This partnership opens up a large collaborative space for both companies that are pursuing a common goal – promote the use of the connected car and make the car user’s experience easier and more efficient.”

Seat and Orange’s aim of creating a digital home or office experience for drivers focuses on the idea of turning their vehicles into a kind of second digital home. As such, the partners want to provide a way for drivers and their passengers to safely integrate some of their daily activities while driving. In addition, both companies are looking to work on music, audio-visual, and learning content for the connected experience.

To encourage drivers to take advantage of connected car solutions, Seat and Orange will look at offering incentives through discounts, rewards, and gifts in a ‘cross-company loyalty and frequent use programme’.

“This strategic agreement with Seat is a great step for Orange in its strategy of connected objects and Big Data and opens the door to innovations and new developments surrounding cars of the future, which will contribute to helping us achieve our goal of connecting our customers with what truly matters most to them,” said Luis Santos, director of innovation and new digital services at Orange Spain.