Select and Share Instant Replays with Frances Social TV App

France’s biggest TV network, TF1, is introducing an update to its apps which will enable second screeners to select and share instant replays of live TV. The MYTF1 iOS and Android apps, from FT1’s digital service, currently have iPlayer-style functionality. Along with live replays, the Connect function gives users exclusive additional video content and access to social media streams without leaving the platform.

It launches in France on 2 February with the new series of The Voice and will then be extended to major entertainment, news and sports programming, including the World Cup qualifier between France and Spain.

“Innovative, immersive and intuitive, Connect is the first real second-screen experience in France and the fullest, highest-quality product on the market,” said Régis Ravanas, executive VP of TF1 Group. MYTF1 also offers connected TV services via local partners such as Bbox, Freebox and Orange. 1.3bn videos have so far been watched across its digital services. The connected services are only available in France.