Self-destructing Snapchat for Professionals Launches

confide appA former AOL Ventures exec has launched Confide, a Snapchat-style app for professionals to send messages that contain sensitive information without recipients being able to copy or save them.

The off the record idea was devised by VC Jon Brod who was keen to be able to chat with people in his industry about potential deals without fear that the content could be shared.

Along with being able to send encrypted messages to any email address, the team says it has even eliminated the ability to take a screenshot by adding a ‘swipe to reveal’ function to its messages. Confide is free initially but a premium offer could be added given the spending power of its intended audience.

It has been rumoured that Snapchat itself may have become so popular because high-flying execs kept getting told off for sending debauched images on non-private networks…