SellAring Launch Post-Call Menu as Standalone Solution

SellAring, the audio advertising network for smartphones, has launched its ‘Post-Call Click to Action Menu’ as a standalone inclusive advertising product. SellAring says its mobile ad solution provides advertisers with a stream of receptive audiences, while catching mobile phone users in attention mode, right after a call is made.

SellArings Click to Action (CTA) Menu is displayed after the user completes a call. It includes an ad display panel and up to five customizable options that enable the user to connect with the advertiser immediately. The call to action can be a click through to the advertisers website, or an SMS, email phone call interaction. The menu creates and utilizes untapped advertising real-estate, external to applications and independent of browser activity.

SellAring launched its mobile ad network in January 2012, and has experienced rapid growth since. Using patent-pending technology, SellArings flagship product is an advertising solution that replaces the call ringback tone with audio ads. The CTA Menu was first released to advertisers as an optional performance-based advertising solution to complement the audio ads and increase user engagement. Following growing interest by advertisers to in using the CTA Menu, SellAring has now decided to launch the solution as a standalone advertising product.

“The adoption of SellArings audio ad solution by advertisers, as well as app developers, has far exceeded our expectations,” says SellAring founder and CEO, Zohar Halachmi. “We had the pleasure of meeting with many advertisers over the past months, and we know today that the mobile advertising industry is more ready than ever to embrace new and innovative solutions. Our post call ad solution has proven itself to be an effective method of performance based advertising and we are confident this technology will cause a complete transformation in how brands are able to connect with audiences and advertise on mobile.”